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Our business is dedicated to making life easier for dog owners by cleaning up and removing dog waste from customers' premises and dog pens. Our poop scoop service will provide a very high level of service quality with regard to reliability, thoroughness and courtesy.


We help with dog waste removal services for three main reasons:

-Busy people don't have time. Two-income families, single-parent households, executives and professionals work long hours; and we know how pressed for time they are. In the precious little time they do get for themselves, there are a great many things they would rather be doing than shoveling dog poop!

-Physical limitations reduce people's ability. Persons with assistance dogs, those who are ailing or recovering from surgery, elderly and   other pet owners with limited physical abilities all need help cleaning up after their animals. For many of these dog lovers, the   availability of a dog waste removal service to clean up their premises on a regular basis can be the difference that allows them to keep a   beloved animal in their lives.

-"The Repugnance Factor." There are plenty of dog owners who have free time and enjoy good health, but who still appreciate the fact that they can call on a service to clean up after their pets. As one customer told me, "Some things you do for yourself, and some things you pay to have done."


We suggest that you schedule the poop scoop pickup once a week and for the big eaters twice a week. Should you not be at home to grant access, please ensure that we obtain access and instructions for entry to the premises. This information will of course be treated with the strictest of confidence. Although we love dogs we require that the dog not be in the area where we work for safety reasons.

Should you require a once off emergency service or a pre-event poop scoop service please do not hesitate to book or even call. We will gladly assist where possible.

We can also provide a service for commercial properties, small holdings, estates and complexes. Fees and T&C's for this will be discussed during the consultation. Prices quoted on this website are for residential homes.