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BISMARK'S WORLD is dedicated to all the gorgeous dogs out there whose hard working parents just don't have the time to take them on walks, drive them to the doggy day care, pick up after them or cook them a healthy meal.

We offer affordable dog walking services around Cape Town. Daily or weekly walkies should be a part of your fur babies regular routine. When it comes to feeling guilty about our four-legged friends, the most common reason for owners feeling guilty is when they haven’t walked their dog regularly. Bismark's Walking service will take them on a regular adventure.


Bismark's Dog Taxi service transports your dogs in case of emergencies or for routine doggy day care runs. The backseat of our taxi is fitted with a heavy duty, non-slip, soft dog box to keep dogs safe. This also prevents them from falling between the seats.  Bismark's Taxi operates from Parow and can pick up or drop off all around Cape Town.

If poop scooping is not high on your lit of priorities, we can help!  You love your dogs but that doesn’t necessarily mean you enjoy cleaning up their mess. Let Bismark's Poop Scoop service assist you with the dirty work. We’ll provide you with fast and reliable pet waste services leaving your yard looking good.

BISMARK’S BISTRO introduces Bismark’s Bistro, Bismark’s Biscuits and Bismark’s Braai Packs: simple, freshly cooked meals and treats created especially for your canine family members. Dogs require very specific proportions of meat protein, organ meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs, seeds, fresh produce and carbohydrates.  All Bismark’s Bistro meals are grain free and proportioned exactly according to your dog's weight and gets delivered to your door every 2 weeks. 



8 x 30 Minute Walks (Twice a Week)

Get 15% OFF our normal rates

R1088 per month

8 x 1 Hour Walks (Twice a Week)

Get 15% OFF our normal rates

R1470 per month


30 Minute Walks   R170 up to 3 dogs

1 Hour Walks  R230 up to 3 dogs

Any additional dog - Add R110 per dog


Flat Rates from Parow, Cape Town

0-10 km radius - R70 one way 

10-20 km radius - R140 one way

20-30 km radius - R210 one way




One scoop per week R130

Two scoops per week R210


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Commercial properties, Complexes, Estates

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GPS route view on our dog walks

Stay connected with your dog on his fun outing. 

We will send you a Whats app message on completion of the route as well as pictures of the adventure.

                                                                                   BISMARK’S BISTRO

Bismark’s Bowl offers your dog a healthy alternative to shop-bought, ready-made food. These meals are delicious, affordable and quick and easy to serve, and are freshly made with real meat, fish, fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

All our meals are lightly cooked to maintain their nutritional integrity and to ensure that they are easily digested and absorbed by dogs. They are free of added sugars, salts, grains, additives, and GMOs, and do not contain preservatives, colourants or flavour enhancers.

Bismark’s Bowl can be served on its own, or as a topping over dry dog food to give dogs some variety and real nutrition.



We know that your dog likes to hang around the braai on the weekend, and that’s why we have developed  a healthy and nutritious Braai Pack just for him or her. The glamorous, shiny foil packs consist of seasonal vegetables and a real piece of meat that is ready to cook at the next family gathering around the braai.



No dog’s day is complete without a little extra love and praise from you. Bismark’s Biscuits are real, pure handmade biscuits, without any nasty ingredients. They are produced in very small batches to ensure freshness, and the addition of seeds, fresh fruit, vegetables, and coconut oil ensure healthy, glossy coats. Bismark is personally in charge of quality control and tasting!